Saturday, May 2, 2009

A few of my favorite things around the web

Racked: Swine flu panic = surgical mask fashion

What I Wore: DIY doily + tank project. Too bad I don't know how to sew. I see a sloppily super glued doily tank in my future. Or will trade prime Village couch space for seamstress skills. Here's looking at you, Laura.

GQ: America's most stylish eight year old, Arlo Weiner (son of Mad Men creator Matt Weiner) is GQ's newest correspondent. In related news: does a second grader have my dream job? Yes, yes he does. Is he good at it? Turns out yes. Some of his pearls of wisdom:

“A seersucker suit is great in summer. It’s a way to be fancy without being hot. I just got one from Brooks Brothers. You don’t need a special reason to wear it—in spring and summer I’ll wear it on any occasion.”

“It’s starting to get hotter out so I needed a cap, but I don’t like wearing baseball caps—they don’t go with anything I wear. My dad found this one for me. I like the shape of it and I have lots of clothes that are black-and-white striped, so it’s a good match. Though I like giraffes more than zebras.”

The Sartorialist: In related news, children apparently dress better than I do.

Racked: Images of the new CFDA designer x Gap collab. The chunky exposed zipper may be a few (dozen) seasons old, but I'm still digging this dress.

Oh Leoluca Vintage: Watermelon Vans! Makes me want to go to a picnic.
Farpitzs: Marais shoes come in every color of the rainbow and mostly fall in the $50-70 range. Kid in a candy shop!

Lost at E Minor: New pillows by Rachael Cole-- have a whole village on your bed! Did that come out wrong?

Famille Summerbelle: Cut out map of London.

New York Magazine: If you haven't already, you must read Jonathan Van Meter's stunningly insightful piece of Gay and Nan Talese's marriage. It really makes you think about what you'd be willing to give up to be with someone you love. And if it's giving something up.

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