Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whip it good

I used to associate leather skirts with slutty cat Halloween costumes but recently I've been seeing stylish people wearing leather skirts and have been feeling inspired. (See below the lovely Karla, Krystal and Jen). All of them look super classy and fashionable!

In a shockingly spontaneous move yesterday morning as I downed my pre-work coffee, I purchased this vintage leather skirt from hotvintage. I'm not entirely convinced that I can pull off leather but I'm excited to try!

Also in my search I found this quilted leather skirt. I strongly considered upping my leather skirt purchase count to two for the day until I saw that it has a 26 inch waist. Ha! I am pretty sure I would have to rearrange my rib cage to make that fit me so I hope some twiggie out there snaps it up and enjoys it so I can live vicariously...


  1. Thanks for the mention!
    I know you will look amazing in a leather skirt!

  2. wow that girl Karla's hair is impeccable! wish wish wish