Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mother's Day gift guide: Cards

Mother's Day is May 10th this year. I only am aware of this because I heard someone talking about it on the subway. Goodness knows if I were to rely on Facebook events I would have never known because that redesign shoved it in bottom right corner oblivion.

Moving on: to kick off my Mother's Day gift guide... cards!

First up is this popup card I think is adorable in that I'm choosing to forget the fact that I am old enough for online shopping kind of way. And who doesn't love things that pop up? And ladybugs! I think it is an unwritten law that all moms love ladybugs. $4.50 from Cookie Bits

This card is everything I think a Mother's Day card should be! It's humorous without making fun of your age gap or apologizing for being a bratty child. $4 from Able & Game

I find this card funny as well though I 'm not sure how much it's just because it makes me think of "In Soviet Russia vodka drinks you." At any rate the inside says, "Thanks for not eating me. Happy Mother's Day!" $3.50 from Spawn Studio

Pretty origami dresses! $4 from KittyKatKards and they have cards with the dresses in different colors/patterns as well.

And finally, a very all-purpose Mother's Day card. Love the typography! $3.50 from Twee Cards

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