Saturday, April 18, 2009

Key pillow set

I (like everyone else) am gaga over this pillow set. My friends and I went through this (very long) phase in college where we'd say "control alt delete" every time we messed something up: did bad on a test, dropped a dining hall hall tray, drunk dialed, etc.

Geeky chic I suppose is the apropo term. More importantly for those of us who didn't have the time, energy, money or creative power to furnish our living space in a way that didn't make it look straight out of an Ikea catalog, these pillows are the perfect way to freshen up that generic couch without creating a battle of the elements: Swedish bulk manufacturing vs. shabby chic, like would happen with so many of the (albeit lovely) items on Etsy.

$55 for the set of three at Diffraction Fiber

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