Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Red lips

I literally had never worn lipstick (save for a very occasional super natural shade and one even more occasional unnaturally light pink I got at a preview that made me look Gaga-esque). But this all changed Friday when one of my darling friends gave me a goodie bag filled to the brim with lipsticks (a hint hint, perhaps?). Now I can't stop! Do you wear lipstick?

I love this photo from The Sartorialist because it shows that red lips can go with a casual ensemble. PS I'm sure you've already seen it, but how funny is Refinery29's guide to getting your picture taken by him?


  1. I love a red lip- still haven't found my perfect shade yet though. I adore your blog, so glad I found you!

  2. I've never worn a red lip- too scared! even though I did have a bright red gloss in middle school when I was obsessed with gwen steafani haha does that count? at my work I've probably gotten over 20 free lipsticks in the past year but mostly they just go to my mom and her friends... I know lipsticks supposed to be making a comeback, but I'm most definitely from a lipgloss generation! <3