Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First date outfits!

I had the great pleasure of working with some of my favorite style bloggers for a piece on SheKnows and it's finally up! Each of the lovely ladies modeled their perfect outfit for a first date and explained why it's their pick. Check out the whole piece to get all of their insight! Big thanks to Emily, Jessica, Keiko, Maegan and Rebecca for taking part!

1 comment:

  1. Great piece I enjoyed reading all of the ladies first date outfits! I must say I really love Rebbecca Roe's style, everyone looks so darn chic!!! But Roe's totally my fave. She looks cute and totally comfortable in her skin and that's how I'd dress on a first date!! Thanks for sharing this I'm so glad I found your blog I can tell it's gonna be a great read! :)


    P.S. Keiko's outfit is so adorable I love a girl who can rock pink, that's style:)