Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet my new girl crush!

How painfully chic is Teen Vogue's Aya T. Kanai? My idol Scott really had his A-game on with her style profile. Some choice quotes:
  • Re: her style icons: "Oh, and Pippi Longstocking because she wore a tattered dress with unmatched socks and men's shoes, and didn’t care a bit how she looked. As a child I wanted to be her (though I am Japanese, not Swedish), and flip pancakes up onto the ceiling while cooking breakfast for my monkey… I still want to be her."
  • "One part statement item, one part quirky charming things, and one part classic basics…that’s my cocktail!"
  • "I love animal printed anything and hate sensible shoes."
And my favoritest favorite bit of all:
  • Favorite item: "My Keith Haring tank top, which was an invitation to the 1985 “Dance for Life” event at The Palladium (my parents went!)"
Attention parentals: where is your invite??

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